USTA Colorado State 2015 Competition Results

Group May 3 CompOur twirlers had a great time at the USTA Colorado State Competition on Sunday, May 3, 2015. I'm so proud of all of these girls!

It was a lot of fun having our beginning class students join our competitive twirlers. They performed their class routine and they all entered in a few individual events, too.

State Winners

A big congratulations to Olivia who won the Colorado State Beginning Solo (ages 9-12)! This was a very large division and she did a fantastic job. Also, big congrats go to Anna Claire who won her Colorado State Beginning Solo (ages 0-8)! Although a smaller division, she performed a fantastic solo routine. Way to go, girls!

It's always so fun to see how far each of twirlers have come after a season of competition. I'm very proud of the hard work these girls put in during the past year!


Here are our twirlers’ top 3 results:

Anna Claire: Beg Basic (7-9): 2nd Nov Parade (8-9): 2nd Beg Military (8-11): 3rd Beg Presentation (8-11): 3rd CO State Beg Solo (0-8): 1st

Ava: Nov Basic (9-10): 2nd

Caileigh: Level BI Compulsories: Passed Level BI Movement Technique: Passed Beginner Military (8-11): 1st Nov Parade (10-13): 1st Nov Presentation (10-13): 3rd Open Beg Solo (9-10): 3rd

Emma: Beg Basic (13-15): 3rd Beg Military (12-15): 2nd Nov Parade (10-13): 2nd CO State Beg Strut (13-16): 1st

Katie: Level C Compulsories: Passed Nov Basic (5-8): 1st

Mia F.: CO State Nov Solo (0-8): 3rd

Mia M.: Nov Basic (9-10): 3rd

Olivia: Beg Parade (10-13): 3rd Beg Presentation (8-11): 1st CO State Beg Solo (9-12): 1st Open Nov 2-Baton (9-11): 1st

Randi: Level C Compulsories: Passed

Anna Claire & Olivia: Open Beg Pairs Juv: 1st CO State Beg Juv Pairs: 1st

Teams: Heart Skips a Beat (Beg Class)- CO Small Primary Dance Twirl: 2nd Hairspray- CO Small Juvenile Dance Twirl: 1st

NBTA and USTA Colorado State Competition Results

Ready for a great day at the USTA Colorado State competition! We had a whirlwind of a weekend with two competitions in two days!

On Saturday, May 3, Emma and Olivia attend the NBTA Colorado State competition in Berthoud. They both competed in basic strut and solo. The rules and music are slightly different for NBTA than our usual USTA competitions and they did a great job at keeping it all straight!

Then on Sunday, May 4, we had a lot of fun competing at the USTA Colorado State competition in Denver with Anna Claire, Caileigh, Emma, Lorelei, and Olivia! It was a long (and hot!) day, but I was so proud of how these girls all kept striving to do their best in their events all day long.

This was the first competition for both Caileigh and Lorelei and they did such a great job! I was so proud of how they went out on the floor with confidence and did their very best.

Congrats to some terrific twirlers!

I want to give a big congratulations to Anna Claire, Emma, and Olivia! Anna Claire placed 1st in the Colorado State Beg Solo (ages 0-8). She looked so poised and had a no-drop routine! Olivia placed 3rd in the Colorado State Beg Solo (ages 9-12). Olivia did one of her best routines yet in this big division with 11 girls competing! Emma placed 1st in the Open Beg Basic Strut (ages 11-12). She demonstrated yet again at what a great job she does when strutting and with a large group of 9 girls in her division!

Time to celebrate!

After the competition we enjoyed a celebration with some frozen yogurt. It was definitely time to kick back, relax, and cool off!

Below I've posted all of our twirlers' top 3 results for their events. On Sunday, our twirlers got to experience some really large groups for their events! It's nice to see so many twirlers competing here in Colorado. I also included Caileigh and Lorelei's placements in basic strut since it was their first competition.

Our Twirlers' Top 3 Results:

Anna Claire won Beginner State Solo (Ages 0-8)!

Anna Claire: Level C Compulsories: Passed Beg Basic Strut (7-8): 2nd place Beg Open Solo (7-8): 2nd place Beg State Solo (0-8): 1st place

Caileigh: Level C Movement Technique: Passed Level C Compulsories: Passed Beg Basic Strut (9-10): 8th place

Emma: Saturday NBTA Beg Open Basic (10-12): 1st place Nov Open Solo (10-12): 3rd place Sunday USTA Beg Basic Strut (11-12): 1st place

Lorelei: Level C Movement Technique: Passed Level C Compulsories: TI Beg Basic Strut (7-8): 5th place

Olivia: Saturday NBTA Beg Open Basic (7-9): 1st place Beg Springtime Basic (7-9): 1st place Nov Open Solo (7-9): 3rd place Nov State Solo (7-9): 2nd place Nov Springtime Solo (7-9): 3rd place Sunday USTA Level BII Movement Technique: Passed Beg Presentation (9-10): 2nd place Show Twirl: 2nd place Beg Open Solo (9-10): 2nd place Beg State Solo (9-12): 3rd place

Way to go, girls!