What Is It?

So what is baton twirling anyways? It’s a unique blend of artistry and sport. Baton twirlers combine dance and gymnastics with the handling of a metal baton (or two or three!). It requires stamina, strength, flexibility, and accuracy.

Baton twirlers learn how to keep 1, 2, and 3 batons all twirling while artistically interpreting the music they are twirling to. They also learn how to twirl their baton while staying in step with music while performing at high school and college football games or in parades.

What Are The Benefits?

Baton twirling helps students develop their eye-hand coordination, increases their ability to use both sides of their mind and body, and encourages them to be active in an increasingly sedentary world.

Twirlers learn how to practice in order to master a new skill, how to set and achieve goals, and how to persevere through challenges. Becoming an accomplished baton twirler does not happen overnight and helps students understand the value of hard work and determination.

Baton twirlers become adept at handling themselves in a variety of situations. They learn how to perform under pressure and the joy that comes from entertaining an audience with their skills.

Where Will I See It? 

Twirlers have many opportunities of sharing the skills they learn. They can perform in parades, festivals, and football and basketball half time shows, just to name a few. Their skillful performances add variety and artistry to events in local communities.

You can find baton twirlers all over the United States and the world. Twirlers often develop friendships with other twirlers from a wide range of backgrounds when they meet up at competitions and clinics away from home.

Is It Competitive?

There is another side of baton twirling that the general public is often not aware. There are local, regional, national, and even world championships held every year. These competitions encourage baton twirlers to strive to excel in their unique sport. They also learn good sportsmanship through these events.

While there are several baton twirling organizations who hold competitions, High Peaks Twirlers primarily participates in the United States Twirling Association (USTA) competitions. Twirlers have the option of competing individually, in  pairs or trios, or in team events.

Twirlers work to perfect their technique through the Compulsory and Movement Technique system. At each level twirlers demonstrate specific twirls or body movements that are evaluated by a judge. They work their way up through the levels to more difficult and demanding skills.

What About The Future? 

Baton twirlers can earn scholarships for twirling positions at many universities across the country. These range from partial to full scholarships depending on the university and the twirling position attained.

Even if baton twirlers do not pursue a scholarship position, they learn many valuable skills that serve them well into adulthood. Learning how to work hard in order to achieve a goal is a beneficial skill that lasts a lifetime!