Students of High Peaks Twirlers have the option of entering local baton twirling competitions. These events provide twirlers with the opportunity of learning how to compete gracefully and perform on an individual basis.

You can find a list of upcoming competitions here. Also be sure to read through this Competition Info document. It has everything you need to know about competitions!

Events to Enter

Twirlers in our solo competition class can enter several different events: Compulsories, Movement Technique, Basic Strut, Presentation, and Solo.

Compulsories and Movement Technique

I have put together instructional videos for both Compulsories Level C and Movement Technique Level C.

It starts at Level C, then progress to the B levels, A levels, and Elite. It often takes several attempts to pass a level, especially as you get to the higher levels.

Written Descriptions
I’ll provide the written descriptions for your twirler for Level C. You can find all of the written descriptions on the USTA website under the Members Only section (you must be a current member to access this).

Training DVDs
You can also purchase DVDs with all of the movements. The DVDs go through each level up-to-speed and at a slower, walk-through pace. The Compulsory DVD is $60 and the Movement Technique DVD is $45. This is completely optional, but very helpful.

Record Book
Once your twirler passes Level C on either Compulsories or Movement Technique, you will need a Record Book which is where all passed levels will be recorded. The book costs $6. Once you have your book, you’ll need to bring it to each competition.

Basic Strut
Basic strut (marching) is a great first event to enter. The twirler marches in a square with 8 counts on each side. The baton is held in a cradle position and swings up with the left leg. Each turn is a left flank. The twirler will end with a salute. You can watch instructional videos on our Practice Videos page.