USTA March 2015 Competition Results

Ready to compete!  

We had a great time at the USTA competition on March 8, 2015! It was so much fun having Marley and Mia compete in their first competition.

Our other competitors, Anna Claire, Caileigh, Emma, and Olivia all participated in a fairly new event called Parade March for the first time. They had so much fun and did a terrific job! It takes the basic strut (marching in a square) and adds twirling to it.



Caileigh had her first solo win!! She's now moving out of the novice category and up to beginner. Way to go!

Olivia passed her Level A movement technique and performed the first part of her freestyle routine for evaluation!! She just has to pass her Level A compulsories now in order to qualify for PreTrials in June. Wish her good luck at our clinic when she'll try to qualify!



I'm so proud of not only our twirlers' accomplishments at this last competition, but even more so in how hard they've been working, what great attitudes they had all day, and how encouraging they are to each other. We have the best team!

Here are our twirlers' top 3 results:

Anna Claire: Level B Compulsories: Passed Beg Basic Strut (8-10): 1st Beg Military (7-9): 1st Nov Parade March (8-11): 3rd Nov Presentation (8-10): 1st Beg Solo (7-8): 1st

Caileigh: Beg Basic Strut (8-10): 2nd Beg Military (10-12): 1st Nov Presentation (8-10): 2nd Nov Solo (8-10): 1st

Emma: Beg Basic Strut (13-15): 2nd Beg Military (13-15): 2nd Nov Parade March (12-14): 2nd Beg Presentation (11-13): 3rd Nov Strut (12-14): 1st

Marley: Level C Movement Technique: Passed

Mia: Level C Movement Technique; Passed Nov Basic Strut (8-10): 3rd

Olivia: Level A Movement Technique: passed Beg Basic Strut (11-12): 1st Nov Parade March (8-11): 1st Beg Solo (9-11): 1st

Anna Claire & Olivia: Beg Juvenile Pairs: 1st

High Peaks Twirlers Hairspray Dance Twirl Team: Beg Small Juv. Dance Twirl Team: 3rd