USTA Regionals 2014 Results

A great day of competition! We had our first twirler, Olivia, travel to the USTA Central Regional championships this summer.

Watching Pre Trials on Friday night

On June 7, 2014, Olivia competed in Tyler, Texas at her first regional competition! I'm so proud of what a great job she did at her first regionals. It's a bit nerve-wracking attending your first multi-state competition!

I was especially proud that she placed 5th in Beginner Solo (ages 9-11)! This was a large division and she did a great solo.

Relaxing between events!

Here are Olivia's results:

Show Twirl: This was for evaluation only, but it was her best performance yet! Beg Open Basic (0-8): 2nd place Beg Open Solo (9-11): 5th place

First medal

Way to go, Olivia!