USTA Sweetheart Competition 2014 Results

Ready for a great day! Anna Claire, Emma, and Olivia all attended the USTA Sweetheart Competition in Denver on February 16th. They had a lot of fun and did such a good job at the competition! We were all so excited to have Anna Claire participate in her first competition.

It was also so much fun to watch Olivia and her dad perform in the sweetheart pairs event! This is an event where a twirler and her dad (or uncle, brother, etc.) twirl to a routine together. They both did such a good job!

Anna Claire and Olivia both won their basic strut events!

I'm so proud of the hard work these twirlers put in before this competition. It certainly paid off with each of them receiving a 1st place win!

Here are the rest of their results:

Anna Claire: Level C Compulsories: TII Level C Movement Tech.: TII Beg Basic Strut (age 6-7): 1st place

Emma won 1st place for novice solo!

Emma: Level BI Movement Tech.: Pass Beg Basic Strut (age 12-15): 3rd place Beg Presentation (age 10-12): 6th place Novice Solo (age 12-15): 1st place

Olivia: Level BI Compulsories: Pass Level BI Movement Tech.: Pass Beg Basic Strut (age 10): 1st place Beg Presentation (age 10-12): 2nd place Junior Showtwirl: 2nd place Beg Solo (age 9-11): 3rd place

Way to go, girls!