All twirlers in our weekly classes wear our team costume and warm-ups at all performances. We work hard to make these as affordable as possible while still maintaining good quality. We also offer fundraisers to help parents lessen the cost of these required items.

Team Costume

Leotard with rhinestones: $21.99 +tax
Skort: 20.99 +tax

Twirlers need the team leotard (package of rhinestones included) and the team skort. Parents will be given a pattern with instructions on how to glue on the rhinestones. If you are not comfortable adding them yourself, Amanda is available to do that at an additional cost of $8. Cleaning Care: These should never be washed! Just spot clean as needed.

Team Warm Ups

Jacket: $69.99 +Tax
Pants: $21.99 +tax

Our warm ups are worn for the Louisville Parade of Lights in December and at other cold-weather performances. They are also worn over our costumes at performances and competitions. The warm ups are a jacket and pants set. Each twirler’s name is embroidered on the front along with our team logo on the back. Twirlers get to add a star for each completed year of twirling. And they can earn patches for their spins!

Premium Dance Sneakers*

Sneakers: $39.99 +tax

We wear these shoes in all of our outdoor performances. They provide great support and still allow for great toe point. *Parade shoes are still allowed to be used until June 1, 2016.

High Peaks Twirlers Baton

$27.99 +tax

A high quality Star Line baton is what all of our twirlers use. Your twirler will be sized so that s/he has a correct fit.

High Peaks Twirlers Cinch Bag

$29.99 + tax

This bag makes bringing your twirling notebook, shoes, hair bands, and other odds and ends to class very easy. The drawstrings allow it to also be worn as a back pack. The dimensions are 7.75"H x 14.5”W. Each bag will be embroidered with the High Peaks Twirlers logo and your twirler's name.

High Peaks Twirlers Duffle Bag

$49.99 + tax

This bag makes bringing all your performance gear to twirling performances or competitions easy! The bag can be carried by the shoulder strap or the handles. It has lots of pockets for storing everything you need. The dimensions are 13.5 H x 27.25 W x 14.5 D. Each bag will be embroidered with the High Peaks Twirlers logo and your twirler's name.