faith summer 2017 parade Routine

Anyway you want it fall 2016 Routine

Instruction for the Anyway You Want It routine for the beginning group.

Full routine with music up to speed for the beginner group.
Instruction from the 2 baton section to the end for the Anyway You Want It routine for the advanced group.
Routine up to speed with music - advanced group.

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Brand New - Trio Routine

Last Chance - Dance Twirl Team Routine Videos

Basic Strut - Instruction and to Music

Level C Movement Technique and Compulsories

Level B Compulsories

Level B - Movement Technique

Novice Solo

Nov/Beg Solo - K & L

Beg/Int Solo - AC & C

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Compulsories Level BI

Movement Technique Level BI

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Novice Strut

Beginner 2 Baton

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Solo Pairs - Beginner

Freestyle - Caileigh

Freestyle - Olivia